All about Onehub Data Room


Modern conditions of the information world require the solution of many tasks that can be effectively performed using cloud technologies.

Prospects for use of cloud-based Data Room in business

Today, the only effective way to solve the problem of document management, and, consequently, the management of the organization, is the organization of office work, taking into account the use of information technology, the organization’s transition to maximum use of electronic documents.

Cloud computing is a specialized range of data processing and transmission technologies, in which computer resources and power are provided to the user in the form of Internet services. It is a new approach to hosting, delivering, and consuming applications and computing resources in which applications and resources are made available over the Internet in the form of services consumed on various platforms and devices.

Virtual Data Rooms ensure the secure exchange of critical financial and legal data and files as well as sensitive customer information. This type of software is used by law firms, accounting firms, commercial real estate agents, and any company that wants to ensure that due care is taken. The typical functions of the Digital Data Room software include access control with the option to revoke access if necessary and to secure the archiving.

Unlike the model of storing data on own, dedicated, purchased, or leased servers specifically for such purposes, the number or any internal structure of servers is usually not visible to the client. Data is stored and also processed in the so-called cloud, which is a large virtual server.

Data Room is characterized by the following features:

  • the openness of the system for integration with other information
  • archival industry systems;
  • one-time input of data on documents stored in archives into the system and their multiple uses;
  • convenience and speed of access to the data contained in a Data Room;
  • the efficiency of processing and obtaining the necessary information;
  • multifaceted search and processing of information following certain quantitative and qualitative criteria;
  • safe links provide direct access to any folder or file;
  • applicable user cooperation with the system, the possibility of its rapid development, and ease of operation.

Onehub Data Room for your business operations

Onehub Data Room is a secure file storage and sharing service for businesses of all sizes. The software offers a range of robust business tools such as secure warehouse, customer portals, automatic watermarks, integration with Google Docs.

The developed means of access control in the Onehub Data Room allow you to competently build a security strategy when working with different types of documents. The reliable encryption of your documents and the role-based permissions structure means that you decide who has access to your content and that you can securely share sensitive business data.

With the introduction of the Data Room, productivity growth is achieved by reducing the time to search for the necessary documents and information. The electronic document management system will allow not only to find the necessary file in seconds but also to do it from any computer of the company, regardless of whether it is located in the head office or branch. You can now spend your time more efficiently.

Besides, secure Data Rooms also provide many opportunities for more successful communication via partners, customers, investors, foundations, auditors, and other external institutions. Several people can use these virtual desktops, according to their location. The introduction of Onehub not only facilitates the transfer and exchange of information between departments but also allows several employees from different departments to work with one document at the same time.