VaultRooms Review


Nowadays, all enterprises and organizations are beginning to pay special attention to the issue of information preservation. Here is more about Data Room as a safe repository.

Virtual Data Room: informatization of business processes

The main purpose of informatization is to create optimal conditions for meeting the information needs and implementation of the enterprise based on the formation and use of information resources and modern technologies. The company’s strategy for informatization is a prerequisite for its effective operation and increase competitiveness.

The purpose of informatization is to provide the enterprise with necessary and sufficient information in all spheres of activity, increase labor productivity based on large-scale use of information technologies (IT), growth of economic potential, improvement of social and economic conditions.

The main task of IT is to prepare and provide the information necessary to ensure the management of all resources of the enterprise, creating single information and technical environment for the management of the economic object. Today this environment can be represented by Virtual Data Room software.

So, cloud services give their users the flexibility to configure settings such as computing power, file storage size, software composition, and more.

VaultRoom to optimize your collaboration

VaultRooms is a simple and inexpensive solution to data management needs. It saves time, lowers IT costs, and increases the security of your information by helping you reduce risk. The software provides you with the tools you need to manage all of your files, folders, systems, and other important data.

There are the following VaultRoom functions:

  • Easy and secure exchange

You can save time and money by accessing and storing documents in the cloud instead of storing them in your on-premise data store. With cloud storage, you can access and save documents at any time. The document is transmitted to the counterparty in encrypted form, so the document can be received only by the person to whom it is intended. Reports are transmitted via a direct connection, which guarantees instant and secure delivery;

  • Increase productivity

Organizations can cut costs by running the Data Room process. Using a tool that identifies and eliminates duplicate records saves companies money. You can also be more productive when documents are automatically saved, shared, and retrieved. Many companies can save up to 15% on annual data storage costs by identifying and eliminating documents.

  • Reduce risks

By performing a full search of electronic Data Rooms, companies can identify risks associated with their files. It includes human error, environmental hazards, accidental deletion, and more. VaultRoom provider will perform the scan and help you understand your risks. The software also runs background checks which will reveal any information that could be used against you or the company. As companies need to demonstrate compliance with their stated goals and objectives, using these tools helps improve management practices.

  • Business process optimization

As part of the implementation of the Data Room in most cases, process optimization takes place. Electronic document management and, first of all, automation of accounting of contracts, give the chance not only to reduce essentially time expenses for registration and coordination of this or that document but also to trace all stages of the passing of the document of various stages.

  • Teamwork and improving the interaction between departments

One of the most important advantages of electronic document management is the improvement of relations between departments within the company. After all, its introduction not only facilitates the transfer and exchange of information between departments but also allows multiple employees from different departments to work with one document.